A FURIOUS mum has removed her daughter from a Kidderminster school amidst claims a teacher said the teenager’s non-uniform day outfit showed “too much flesh”.

Kaye Warner immediately demanded her 15-year-old daughter, Erin-Anais Hart, be sent home from King Charles I School after receiving a call from the teenager requesting a pair of trousers for her to cover up.

Erin had gone to school on Friday (June 12) dressed in a black jacket, black T-shirt, flat black ankle boots and leggings with designer holes cut out above the knee for the charity non-uniform day, organised by the Comberton Road school.

But, when she quizzed school bosses on why her daughter had to cover up, Miss Warner was horrified to be told she was showing too much flesh.

She told the Shuttle that Erin will not be returning to the school again and will be starting elsewhere in the coming weeks.

A spokesman for the school said they did not comment on individual cases but said dress-code standards applied on non-uniform days.

Miss Warner said: “She rang me on Friday morning to say she needed some trousers to be brought into school. When I asked why, my daughter didn’t know.

“She went to school on a non-uniform day in a black T-shirt, a black jacket, flat black ankle boots and black leggings with holes at the knee.

“I had the deputy head teacher of the school telling me he did not like her look or what she was wearing.

“When I questioned him again as to why he did not like what she was wearing and what I should tell my daughter when she asks me why she has come home from school, I was told ‘she was showing too much flesh’.”

Miss Warner has since made the decision to remove her daughter completely from Kings Charles I School and she will be joining a new school in Wyre Forest within a few weeks.

She added: “I was absolutely disgusted. I have removed her completely from the school. She will not be returning there and will be starting a new school in a few weeks.”

A spokesman for Kings Charles I School said: “We do not comment on individual cases but would stress that we aim to provide a positive and successful learning environment for our students, free from disruption and distraction, and that includes enforcement of our dress code.

“Standards are applied even on non-uniform days to ensure that all students are dressed appropriately.”