CARING for a loved one can be a difficult task, but Tia Sharman has made it easier (and enjoyable) for those who might need some help in Kidderminster.

After more than 10 years as a private healthcare worker, the 39-year-old realised that there was a need not only for adult daycare opportunities within the town centre, but also a high level of need for a 'crisis centre'.

And so The Gatsby Emporium was born.

She said: "After 12 years in the private health sector covering domiciliary home care and watching the struggle of flexible daycare opportunities, including providing a much needed 'drop off' opportunity, I have designed and set up a two-storey adult daycare centre in the heart of Kidderminster town centre."

Being adapted from the term 'dementia cafe', which started in the Netherlands before making its way over to the UK, Tia split the concept over the two floors of her business, based in the old Pet Deli, which closed in 2012, at Carlton House, Oxford Street.

"The lower floor is a coffee shop open to the general public, and as the ideas grew I incorporated so much more to meet the needs of even more groups of people," she said.

The cafe boasts natural decoration, with lots of raw woods, indoor and outdoor seats, including tables and chairs, sofas, and window bar seating, and an individual children's play den incorporated into the building.

"The upper floor is the adult daycare facility. It is set on the idea of 'home from home' feel - something which visitors already have stated is very spacious, relaxing and welcoming."

The upstairs provides options such as flexible 'shop and drop' for those wanting a few hours to themselves to go off and meet friends or even shopping, fixed hours, days, or packages, of care to suit different needs, and, as well as being open between 8am and 4pm, there is a unique late night option on Thursdays, where the facility is open until 10pm.

Catering for anyone aged between 18 and 100 years old who may suffer with age degeneration, social isolation, learning or physical difficulties, mental health needs, sensory loss and all conditions under the dementia umbrella, Tia has created an original, helpful, and safe place which she thinks has been much-needed in the centre for some time.

To complete the project, which opened this month, Tia secured financial support from The Redundant Building Grant courtesy of Herefordshire County Council, but has spent thousands of pounds of her own money making it all possible.

For more information about The Gatsby Emporium, named after the owner's love for The Great Gatsby and Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, call 01562 745413 or visit