STAFF at the Museum of Carpet have jumped at the chance to fly a 3D carpet over the town for their new exhibition ‘Weaving over Kidderminster’.

The museum have worked with Birmingham-based Street Advertising Services to create a 3D flying carpet that weaves its way across the townscape.

Caroline Taylor, museum manager, said: “Our new exhibition is a 3D flying carpet which when people stand on it, they get the sensation they are flying over the town.

“We have created a trompe l’oeil – a three dimensional illusion that plans on the eye and makes visitors think they have stepped onto the flying carpet which then weaves its way over Kidderminster.

“Too often people simply walk over the carpet, ignoring what is beneath them as they step and we think it’s about time our visitors really considered the patterns, designs and colours that have made Kidderminster famous over the last 300 years.

“Our fantastic 3D carpet allows people to really look at some of the most important designs that have originated from the town and were used to carpet palaces and embassies all over the world.”

Staff at the museum know street art fascinates people and visitors are encouraged to jump aboard the rug and take a photo of themselves flying over Kidderminster. The museum wants visitors to ‘tweet their feet’ as they are on the carpet and join a gallery of images which will appear on the website while the exhibition is running.

‘Weaving over Kidderminster’ opened on Saturday (October 17) and will close on December 31.