A TEAM of creative designers from Kidderminster are flying high after launching their first ever computer game app.

Reflection Design have created Super Car Plane, which lets players take to the skies in different vehicles to do battle with seagulls, helicopters and balloons in a bid to stay airborne and outdo their Facebook friends.

This is the company’s first foray into computer game development but hope that it will take off and rival the popular Flappy Bird app.

Reflection Design was started by Garry Matthews in 2004 as a creative design but has since grown and now offers 3D modelling and CGI, website design and app development services.

Mr Matthews said: “App development and gamification is becoming more and more popular as businesses realise it’s a great method for encouraging potential customers to engage directly with their brand.

“Having developed several Augmented Reality and Interactive apps for our clients, we wanted to develop our own app and launch it under our own brand.

“We’re all gamers so we decided to play to our strengths and create a game which you could get into quickly and compete against your friends.”

People who first tested Super Car Plane became hooked and allowed their friends to have a go on their mobile phones. Soon, Reflection received emails from gamers from across the Midlands and even one in America asking to be able to download it themselves.

Mr Matthews added: “It’s a retro feel, continuous scrolling game where players try to keep their car airborne for as long as possible using a combination of boosts and launch ramps; all the while avoiding obstacles which will bring it crashing back down to earth.

“It seems to have touched the perfect nerve between infuriating and addictive, where players can’t help but have another go. You’re always convinced that next time you will beat your friends distance.

“While Super Car Plane may never be mentioned in the same sentence as Flappy Bird, it’s exciting for us to be launching our own App out into the world as normally we are going through this process for our customers.”

The game is available to download for free on both Apple and Android devices. People can visit www.supercarplane.com or find them on Facebook and Twitter for more information.