FEARLESS pub regulars and a lorry driver made dramatic efforts to recue people trapped in burning flats in a Kidderminster, a jury has been told.

Regulars at a nearby pub tried to kick down the gates to the flats in the Horsefair, Kidderminster, but were beaten back by the fierce flames and a Domino's pizza lorry driver tried to park under the windows for two men to climb out, Worcester Crown Court was told.

Witness Wayne Pearce told the jury he and others from the nearby Peacock pub had gone to help and had tried to use small fire extinguishers but they had little effect on the spreading flames.

"The fire forced us back into the middle of the road," he told the jury. "We tried to get in to help anyone in there but the flames were too strong."

He saw two men jump from a first floor window and they were caught by others outside.

A Domino's pizza lorry driver, Michael Bastion, said he and his colleague drove their lorry up alongside the flats to see if anyone could climb onto the roof and the heat was so intense it singed the poster on the side of the truck. They moved away from the scene when the emergency services arrived.

The jury also heard from firefighters at the scene. Rachel Brand, QC, read statements from the firefighters who described getting a nine metre ladder and entering the building wearing breathing apparatus.

Firefighter Neil Bennett described crawling through the flat filled with dense smoke where two people were believed to be trapped.

He said he reached into the bedroom and could feel a person lying on the floor.

"I reached into the bedroom and grabbed the person by the ankles," he said in a statement. "I dragged her towards the door and reached forward and pulled her out."

With the help of firefighter Roddy Mole, who went into the building with him, he lifted the woman up and helped her through a window and down a ladder where other firefighters were waiting.

He then went back and searched for more people and found a child on the floor. He lifted the five-year-old boy up and carried him to safety.

Sandra Nowocinska, aged 22 died later in hospital but her five year old son survived.

Mark Moat, aged 43, is on trial accused of unlawfully killing Miss Nowocinska and damaging the flats by reckless arson.

He also denies damaging a chair. The prosecution alleges he set fire to wheelie bins near the flats on November 27, 2014 though they do not allege he intended to kill Miss Nowocinska. He denies the charges. The trial continues.