A MUM said she was ‘horrified’ to discover a dark brown bug in her daughter’s KFC meal, reports the Lancashire Telegraph.

Crystal Atkinson-Taylor, 28, said her eldest daughter, Jessica, eight, could not eat for a whole day after she spotted the insect in her Original Recipe Chicken Burrito.

The Card Factory supervisor had visited Accrington’s Hyndburn Road KFC as a treat for Jessica and her sister Abigail.

But after she had plated up the takeaway at their home in Somerset Grove, Church the youngster opened up her wrap to remove some of the contents and discovered the unwelcome visitor.

The national fast food chain apologised to the family but said incidents such as this were ‘rare’. It blamed using fresh products grown in the ‘great outdoors’.

Environmental health officers from Hyndburn Council have promised to visit the restaurant.

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VIOLENT scenes erupted inside a Southampton nightspot involving up to 40 people, the Southern Daily Echo reports.

Chairs were thrown and bottles were used as weapons during the fight which was likened to ‘western saloon-type brawl’ by a judge.

The CCTV was replayed at Southampton Crown Court as two of those who were involved in the fight inside the 90 Degree bar were sentenced for the parts they played in the violence.

Ryan Macey, 28, was captured throwing punches and picking up a chair which he then threw while Alvin Moss, also 28, was seen picking up a bottle and is then seen swinging it down.

Moss was also captured on camera outside the venue hitting a victim in the face as he ran away from the nightclub.

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As a result of the melee inside the venue one man had his head stamped on and needed stitches to his face.