PROTESTORS against the badger cull in Herefordshire say they will gather outside Tesco in Ledbury this Saturday (September 3), to hand out leaflets.

The demonstration is set to start at 11am.

A spokesman said one aim was to encourage Tesco to only take milk from farms that do not support the cull.

The spokesman said: "They must know which farms are supplying them with milk and not all farmers want to kill badgers.

"A lot of farmers don't believe in the cull either."

The spokesman described the cull as "a waste of money and the lives of badgers, one of our larger mammals and iconic part of British wildlife".

As part of the demonstration, the protestors will also be encouraging shoppers to "dump the diary" and choose alternatives.

A Tesco spokesman said: "It should be made clear that our site is private property, and we do not expect offensive behaviour or inconvenience caused to our customers or our operations."