AN ARLEY resident has had his passion for poetry transformed into his own book.

Dr Norman AJ Berisford, a retired architect and university lecturer, first began writing poetry as a hobby and a way to relax before he was urged to write a book.

He decided to submit his work for publication and has now had his collection of poetry – called "The Complete Poetry of Norman AJ Berisford" – released by L.R Price Publications.

Dr Berisford said: "It was suggested to me that I should write my life story, which has been quite an interesting one.

"I wasn't keen to do this but somehow the idea of writing became quite strong and I started writing a novel using some memories of my life.

"In between times I started writing poetry and found it was quite relaxing."

Russell Spencer, managing editor of the publishers, said: "What sets Norman's poetry apart is that it is complete.

"It captures the depth of human emotion that we all experience both in our everyday lives, by exploring such themes as nature, age, love, loss and laughter.

"This is why we chose to publish the book under the title that we did.

"The double meaning of the word ‘complete’ is no accident, because of course the book also contains all of Norman's work."

It is not for the first time that one of his hobbies has brought him recognition.

In 2012, several of his water colour paintings were auctioned locally, with the proceeds going to the Kemp Hospice charity.

He is also a co-author of A History of Interior Design, which was released in 1983.

His debut solo book, which is priced at £6.99, is available from Waterstones and online at