AN INTREPID Kidderminster nursery teddy bear will take on his most daring adventure yet when he goes on a polar expedition to Antarctica.

Percy, First Class Nursery’s teddy bear ‘dog’ is accompanying adventurer Seb Coulthard to the remote wilderness of South Georgia Island from Sunday, October 30.

Mr Coulthard, who runs Worcestershire-based polar expedition company Shackleton Legacy Ltd alongside his wife Tam, said they wanted to do something for the Lister Road nursery which had looked after his five-year-old daughter Alexis for four years up until September.

Percy has been with first class for a number of years and is used to support the learning and development of children at the nursery.

He has been taken to a host of different places including Lanzarote, London, Legoland, Severn Valley Railway, West Midland Safari Park and once met the Red Arrows.

Last August, he sailed on board the world's most accurate replica of Sir Ernest Shackleton's lifeboat, the legendary 'James Caird'.

Mr Coulthard said: “First Class Nursery staff did a splendid job of looking after Alexis during my many work absences and I felt it was about time I did something nice for them in return.

“Percy enjoys travelling with the children on day excursions and holidays and has travelled far and wide and it has inspired other children who attend the nursery to 'Explore with Percy'.

“However, Percy has not visited the Antarctic yet so I have decided to take him on an expedition to the frozen continent. My job as an expedition guide grants me access to some of the most remote locations on Earth.

“Percy will venture where few teddy bears have ventured before, crossing the mountainous interior of South Georgia!

“We hope that through his adventures he will lead other teddy bears by example, in other corners of the country, to awaken the hidden explorer in all of us.”

He added: “The children enjoy looking after Percy and allowing him to join in with family customs, holidays and traditions regardless of background.

“He is an important link between nursery and home. Percy is used to support transitions between different age groups and provides opportunities for children to share experience from home with their friends and carers at the nursery.”