TVs "as thin as wallpaper" that emit sound directly from the screen without the need for speakers will be among the big draws at the CES tech show later on Thursday.

Big name brands LG, Samsung and Sony all used events on Wednesday to unveil what they each believe are the next generation of televisions.

They included LG's new Signature OLED W, which is only 2.57mm thick and attaches to walls using magnetic brackets, creating the illusion it is mounted into the wall.

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Living close to a busy road increases the risk of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia by up to 12%, a major study has found.

Scientists who tracked the progress of more than six million Canadian adults for 11 years found a clear trend with dementia incidence rising the nearer people lived to main roads.

Compared with those whose homes were more than 300 metres away, people living within 50 metres of heavy traffic had a 7% higher risk of developing dementia.

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Theresa May is preparing to make a major speech on Brexit amid accusations by the disgruntled outgoing top UK civil servant in Brussels that the Government lacks an exit strategy.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis are contributing to the content of the address, which is expected later in January.

The Prime Minister will reportedly say Britain will pull out of the single market if the European Union fails to make concessions on freedom of movement, although N o 10 sources insisted the claims were speculation.

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Samsung has pledged to reveal "very soon" the cause of the safety issues that forced the tech firm to discontinue the Note7 smartphone.

The smartphone was initially recalled and then discontinued in October after reports of fires believed to be linked to the device's battery.

However, a number of supposedly safe phones continued to malfunction and Samsung was forced to end production.

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