A JILTED man drove his ex to a remote location and threatened to cut her throat, telling her 'tonight is your last night' and that no-one would hear her scream.

David Baldwin was jailed after he admitted assault by beating, harassment by breaching a restraining order, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

The 37-year-old of Sebright Road, Kidderminster, picked her up from her home on May 13, driving her to a secluded location in Bewdley before threatening to cut her throat and drive them both to their deaths in the river Severn.

His victim, Samantha Davis, told police: "I really thought I was going to die."

Baldwin was jailed at Worcester Crown Court on Friday.

Gareth Walters, prosecuting, said Miss Davis had ended the relationship with Baldwin in June last year.

He persuaded her he had changed and they agreed to meet. But, after dropping a friend off home, Baldwin began to accuse Miss Davis of sleeping with someone else and drove her to Blackstone car park in Bewdley.

After a struggle he dragged her out of the car, pushing her to the ground and into stinging nettles and verbally abusing her before he began to threaten to slit her throat and hit with a bottle.

She covered her eyes in fear.

Mr Walters said: "He continued to threaten her, saying tonight was her last night and she would never see her son again. She began screaming for help but the location he drove her to was dark, secluded, with nobody around at that time.

"He said 'nobody is going to hear you'. He said he had nothing to lose and threatened to drive them into the river which was 20 metres away.”

She managed to dial 999 while pretending to show him a blocked phone list he had demanded to see and this promoted him to apologise, although he also took her phone.

When she refused to get back in his car he followed her and at one point he tried to force her into the car.

She suffered nettle stings, bruising to her forearm, scratches to both arms and pains to her head.

Baldwin gave a no comment interview when arrested.

He has 38 convictions for 84 offences, mainly for theft and motoring offences and had already been banned from driving 11 times. He also has three previous convictions for common assault.

Michael Aspinall, defending, said the father-of-five pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity and added: "He's deeply ashamed when discussing what he did. I accept, as he does, it must have been terrifying."

Recorder Allan Dooley said Baldwin's actions had a significant psychological effect on the victim and the offence was aggravated by the defendant's history of violence and his 'flagrant disobedience' towards court orders.

He sentenced Baldwin to 51 weeks in prison in total, 26 weeks for the breach of the restraining order, eight consecutive weeks for the assault and 17 consecutive weeks for driving while disqualified. He imposed no separate penalty for driving without insurance.

Baldwin was banned from driving for two years and must now complete an extended driving test.

The driving ban will only begin when he is released from prison.