CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond faces pressure from dozens of Tory MPs to use the Budget to cut tax on beer.

At least 44 Conservatives have signed a letter asking for beer duty to be reduced in the November 22 Budget in an effort to safeguard Britain’s pubs.

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THERESA May has accused Russia of threatening the international order by “meddling” in elections and spreading fake news in an attempt to “sow discord in the West”.

The Prime Minister told Russian president Vladimir Putin “we know what you are doing” and insisted he would not succeed.

Mrs May also stressed that a comprehensive Brexit trade deal with the European Union will help underpin a shared commitment to open economies and free societies as Moscow seeks to undermine Western values.

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FORMER professional footballer Trevor Sinclair has been arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and common assault.

The 44-year-old, who played for Manchester City, West Ham United and Blackpool FC, was arrested after a woman suffered minor injuries when she was hit by a car.

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A SECURITY guard was threatened with a hammer as 10 thieves smashed into Apple’s Regent Street store before making off on mopeds with iPhones, iPads and watches.

At least three scooters waited on the pavement as people wearing helmets shuttled in and out during the early morning raid in London, video posted online shows.

Miah Mohammad Sheful, 28, who shot the 44-second clip as he waited for a bus, said it took the suspects several attempts to break in the door of the tech giant’s flagship store.

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Passing cars started beeping their horns to prevent the burglary as they realised what was unfolding, the digital marketer said, but within seconds the mopeds had fled.