THREE kittens were found dumped in a plastic box in the snow this morning (December 11) by a member of the public in Kidderminster.

The kittens were discovered in a thin plastic box with a lid and a urine soaked cushion, in a field near to Snowdon Close, in Franche, on Monday morning.

The three kittens - two boys and one girl - are now in the care of Vale Veterinary Group, in Birmingham Road. A spokesman said the kittens, which are believed to be around four-months-old, were doing well so far.

Lisa Langford, director of Vale Vets, said: "These kittens were brought into the practice this morning by a member of the public who had found them abandoned in a plastic box, in a field close to Snowdon Close, Franche.

"The kittens were cold and hungry sitting on a urine soaked pillow and would have died of hypothermia in a matter of hours in these sub-zero temperatures had they not been discovered.

"There is no excuse for this cruel, disgraceful behaviour and whoever left these kittens to die should be prosecuted if discovered.

"The kittens are now fed and warm and will be open to adoption once neutered, vaccinated and microchipped."