A KIDDERMINSTER musician engaged in some serious Norse play for his band’s ambitious latest video shot in Stourport.

Weak13 recreated a Viking Age drama in the video for their anti-drinking song ‘Loyal Coward’ at the Bishop’s Wood Centre.

It was directed by frontman and guitarist Nick J Townsend and produced by bassist Wesley Smith and featured Wolverley based Viking re-enactors Svartland Living History Society as well as a guest appearance from Birmingham DJ Pandora Rox.

The video, which will be released on January 13, sees a heavily armed Viking army raid a defenceless village.

Nick said: “It was originally going to be set in the present but I shelved the idea as it seemed too dull so recreating a historical period seemed more interesting.

"It was a real genuine honour to collaborate with and film this fine historical society and re-enactment group; there was much fun on the film set, all of them behaved so professional and if there are any points in the music video where you notice an actor grinning it's probably my fault as I was trying to make everyone laugh during takes.

“I always try and make sure there's fun on any production I direct; especially one where we had to slay women, children and a cat.”

The band was delighted with the location with a Viking longhouse used in the heart of the 70 acre Bishops Wood Centre to recreate the scene where villagers endure a brutal attack from the invading army.

Nick added: "Many thanks go to all who run Bishops Wood Centre; a truly beautiful area of the United Kingdom and it was perfect for filming the Weak13 music video.”

The song is now available to download from iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.