WORCESTERSHIRE County Council is encouraging residents who lost household possessions in the recent floods to log on to an internet reuse organisation.

Freecycle is a website that passes on furniture, electrical items and other unwanted goods to others, for free.

A wide range of goods can be found on the site, including furniture, tumble dryers, televisions, clothes, curtains, carpets and bedding.

Jane Orme, the county council's waste challenge manager, said: "We are not only encouraging people to visit Freecycle but also remind those who have friends or neighbours who have lost items in the floods, to consider logging on for them if they do not have internet access. Freecycle is an excellent resource for those looking to replace items for free."

People can join the Freecycle network, which has local groups in most towns and cities, by visiting www.freecycle.org The county council supports reuse initiatives as part of its waste reduction strategy. People wanting to find out more about reuse organisations or would like to receive a free reuse guide should call 01905 768883 or visit www.wastemissionimpossible.org.uk