FAIRTRADE campaigners are urging love-struck Wyre Forest residents to say it with Fairtrade flowers, chocolates, wine and even gold jewellery on Valentine’s Day.

The Kidderminster Fairtrade Group is hoping people will use the opportunity of spoiling their loved ones to support farmers and workers in the developing world.

Fairtrade gold is the latest product to receive the foundation’s seal of approval, providing strict standards on working conditions are met in one of the most dangerous industries, especially small scale mining in remote and harsh environments, relied on for work by 16 million miners.

Mines that meet the exacting standards covering health and safety, along with women’s rights, child labour and environment management, are now producing gold for wedding rings which are being sold by high street catalogue retailer Argos.

Fairtrade group secretary Alison Burton said: “When buying jewellery made with Fairtrade gold you make a huge difference to the miners, their families and their communities.

“When choosing Fairtrade products, your support provides the chance for miners, producers and farmers in the developing world to be paid a fair price, to have better working conditions, build their futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, and make their own way to prosperity.”

“We all have the power to do our bit to change the world for the better and Valentine’s Day provides an ideal opportunity to show we care.”

Mrs Burton added: “Fairtrade chocolates, wine and flowers are readily available from many high street retailers and most supermarkets, which we hope people will enjoy this Valentine’s, and we are thrilled that Argos is showing its social conscience by making Fairtrade wedding rings so readily available.

“A vast range of Fairtrade gifts including a variety of gold jewellery designs are, of course, also available online.”