DEMONSTRATORS held a ‘weapons inspection’ at a Hartlebury rocket factory in protest at claims the firm supplies arms to the Saudi Arabian military in the war in Yemen.

Activists calling themselves ‘The People’s Weapons Inspectors’ unfurled banners and blocked the gates of Roxel by locking their arms together during the protest on Monday (April 9) morning.

The group allege Roxel is manufacturing propulsion systems for Brimstone air-to-surface missiles that could be used by Saudi Arabia to “commit war crimes against the people of Yemen”.

A spokesman for Roxel declined to comment on the protest when contacted by The Shuttle.

Police officers attended the scene and some workers were unable to fully access the site and continue their work building missiles.

Some of the group also held a prayer service to remember victims of the war in Yemen while others gained access to the factory through an open gate, demanding they be allowed to carry out an inspection inside.

Protestor Jo Frew said: “By licensing arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the UK government is escalating the conflict. We felt compelled to act.

“We call upon the British government to refuse applications to licence further arms sales to Saudi Arabia.”

Wyre Forest Labour’s Stephen Brown visited the site during the protest and backed the group’s actions.

He said: “The protestors raised a very important issue that deserves wider attention.

“Labour has called for the U.K. Government to be held accountable as it is supplying arms and personnel helping the Saudi’s.

“We have seen civilian infrastructure hit resulting in thousands dead and injured including children. This is morally reprehensible and many view it as war crimes.”