KEMP hospice has launched a new fundraising campaign to celebrate the birthday of one of its vital services and the forthcoming royal wedding.

The charity’s children’s bereavement support service ‘Kemp for Kids’ reaches its fifth anniversary this month and the hospice is marking the occasion by selling special ceramic garden butterflies.

The vibrant orange and green butterflies, created by local artist Jenny Bird from ‘Paint That Pot’ in Hartlebury, are companion butterflies to others sold in aid of Kemp over the years.

Kemp for Kids is a free service for children and young people aged between five and 18 which provides support to those who have lost loved ones.

Money raised from the sale of the new ceramic butterflies will go towards the work of Kemp.

To add to the celebrations, a ceramic butterfly will be sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as a wedding present.

The prince has spoken openly and passionately about the importance of bereavement support since he and his brother Prince William lost their mum, Diana Princess of Wales in a car accident when they were aged just 12 and 15.

Heidi Hawkins, chief executive at Kemp, said: “The Kemp Hospice logo features butterflies which, for many, represent endurance, change, hope, and life – all the things that we value.

“The butterflies are so beautiful. The bright orange and green really do stand out and look stunning in the garden.

“We’ve chosen the bright colours for the ceramic butterflies because they are playful and really invoke a child-like joy, something very important to the work that we do at Kemp for Kids and we simply had to choose bright orange to reflect Prince Harry.

“It’s a little bit cheeky but I’m sure His Royal Highness wouldn’t mind. We really hope people love them as much as we do and will buy them either for themselves, or for a loved one who maybe has experienced bereavement.”

Service user Tracey Day added: “My son Jack had such an awful time after my mum died, he was so confused and unhappy.

“Kemp Hospice gave us hope for his recovery and they worked tirelessly to help him through his grief.

“Last year we returned from collecting Jack from a weekend away with other young children who have lost a loved one and I can't believe the devotion that these people have to others. Selfless, amazing people.”

The limited edition ceramic butterflies will be on sale for £29.50 each and are 15cm in diameter fixed onto a 75cm stainless steel rod and will be sold at the hospice, their retail shops and via the website