SHOCKED dog wardens have hit out at the “appalling neglect” inflicted on a stray picked up in Wyre Forest.

Wardens from Worcestershire Regulatory Services said the dog they picked up was in such a poor state that she had to be rushed to the vet for immediate treatment.

Named Princess Pigile, by the wardens, the dog, who was picked up last month, had alopecia on her neck, tail, legs and body and her infected ears were so inflamed the ear canal had narrowed.

She had overgrown dewclaws – the claw above the paw, one of which had grown all the way around and was digging in to her pad.

One of her eyes was nearly closed as there was conjunctivitis in both, puss was coming from her mammary glands and she was suffering with mastitis.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services Dog warden and Animal welfare officer Pip Singleton, said: “This Princess was in such great pain and her suffering was incomprehensible.

“I can’t believe the owner could have let her health deteriorate so much and now the taxpayers are picking up the bill for this appalling neglect.

“The problem is, pets do cost money and vets fees can start escalate it symptoms are not treated in time.

“I urge everyone to consider their income when getting a dog and if circumstances change, ask for help.”

If you need help looking after your pet please call the team on 01905 822799.