PROUD Wyre Forest Labour group members said a fond happy 70th birthday to the NHS at an event in Kidderminster.

A street stall was held outside the Town Hall where residents were able to sign a giant birthday card to say thank you to the service. It will be presented to NHS staff later this week.

Labour ranks providing universal healthcare for all and free at the point of use as its proudest achievement.

And the enthusiastic messages in the card demonstrated the public’s gratitude to NHS staff with many talking about how the service saved the lives of their loved ones.

Wyre Forest Labour’s Stephen Brown said the NHS was currently in crisis due to Tory Government cuts but added the messages in their card demonstrated how vital it still is for people.

He said: ““The NHS has been starved of money since 2010 by the Tories, and that’s why it’s in crisis.

“However, NHS staff just get on with it doing their best for patients, keeping it going, and it’s why we applaud them. They are the bedrock of the NHS.

“What we need is NHS renewal, an end to privatisation, and proper funding.

“It’s our greatest achievement as a country and the hundreds of signatures on the NHS birthday card show that, and our pride in wanting to keep it as our national treasure.”