SEVERN Valley Railway will pay tribute to British locomotive history by marking 50 years since the last mainline steam trains ran in a special event.

The Last Days of Steam nostalgia day will be held on Saturday August 4, where enthusiasts can venture back to the past and experience legendary recovered trains and discover the monumental time that changed British transport five decades exactly five decades ago.

The Kidderminster Station on the line will display the 48773 train, which was in operation during the final day, as well as the 45110, which hauled the famous Fifteen Guinea Special - the last scheduled steam train excursion on the mainline.

During the day, the engines will be cleaned by members of Master Nevers’s Association, who also maintained the trains before the final day.

Passengers can also enjoy an authentic 1968 experience aboard The Sherwood Forester, a fully operational black 5 train that will recreate the Fifteen Guinea Special, complete with catering and he original special menu.

The Kidderminster Station forecourt will display 26 vintage cars from the 1960s along with nostalgic music, and a steam train film will be shown on a large screen.

The Kidderminster Rail Museum will be holding a commemorative photograph exhibition running until August 19, featuring photographs and a visit from highly regarded railway photographer Colin T Gifford.

Event organiser David Postle of the Kidderminster Railway Museum said: “Having been brought up on railways from the age of four, 4th August 1968 was life-changing to a comparative youngster, with steam being sentenced to the scrap yard, though, of course, the change had been coming for a number of years.

“As this August marks 50 years since regular steam finished and the fires were dropped for the very last time, it would be remiss of us at the SVR, particularly as we have two of the very historic locomotives that took part in those last days, not to mark the anniversary.”

People can find out more information about the Last Days of Steam and book the Fifteen Guinea Special evening by visiting or calling 01562 757900.