A BRAVE Kidderminster student who suffered serious injuries in a car crash has selflessly donated thousands of pounds to the charity who helped save her life.

Sophie Price, 18, presented an impressive £5360 to crews at Midlands Air Ambulance base at Cosford last Thursday (August 2), after raising funds with family, friends and Kidderminster College staff.

Sophie was treated at the scene of the car accident - which happened earlier this year on March 8 in Bewdley - by the two ambulance crews, and an air ambulance crew who she was able to meet at the presentation.

Two main events were organised in honour of the charity, including a Kidderminster College summer fayre on June 13 which raised £ 1910, as well as a disco night at the Harriers which raised £769.

The total money raised from the events was also matched by Sophie's employer.

Sophie said: "I would like to thank all the kind people and companies of Kidderminster who donated prizes and gave generous amounts of money.

Following the incident, Sophie was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham where she underwent an operation to repair a severed artery in her neck.

At the time she also suffered a broken nose, skull and eye socket fractures, a bleed on the brain and a collapsed lung.

Sophie said: "I'm told the initial operation was a success but it wasn't without major risk to life as having the operation could lead to death or a stroke."

Complications after Sophie’s artery operation lead to her suffering a major stroke which lasted up to four days, and portions of her skull and brain were removed to stop swelling in two further life-saving operations.

Sophie recently returned home on July 18 following rehabilitation at Mosely Hall to recover her speech and language.

Sophie said: “I have started taking a few steps aided by a stick and I'm enjoying finally being home with my family and my cat Belle and dog Ozzy.

“I know this is a very long road to recovery and thankfully it's a road that I'm on thanks to an amazing bunch of people who assisted in saving my life.

“I have a motto and it's no point being negative as negativity gets you nowhere.”