A DISTRESSED conservationist has expressed concern after the remains of deer have been found close to the scene of a massacre which shocked the community.

The heads, limbs and innards of three fallow deer were found about a mile away from the farmland near Kinlet, Bewdley.

Ed Brown, chairman of the Wyre Forest Deer Management Society said: “The animals discovered died sometime between Friday evening (August 3) and Monday morning (August 6).”

“They were found on the Monday morning by a land tenant.”

This discovery comes after 15 deer were shot dead in a massacre which took place last weekend.

Mr Brown believes it could be the same gang who carried out both attacks.

He said: “The police are monitoring this quite closely and are keeping me informed.

“I hope they catch these people, so that their weapons can be seized.

“There is a strong possibility that this could happen again.”

The deer massacre on the farmland also left four fawns motherless, who were last spotted on Sunday (August 5) roaming the surrounding area.