A CHARITY concert in Kidderminster helped raise more than £1,500 to help homeless people.

Resident Lisa Winnitt was inspired to organise the event at Cookley Village Hall when she encountered a homeless man in Kidderminster last winter.

She wanted to support the work done by the Salvation Army and arranged the show – which she compered - on Saturday (September 8) which featured the Safehouse Band and guests

During the evening, music presented by the band included covers of well-known artists as well as their own work while the theme was one of hope for a better future.

A presentation on the work of the Salvation Army in Kidderminster and the wider area by Lt Stephen Hollingsworth informed the audience of the contribution they make within the community.

The event was sponsored by the Kidderminster Fellowship, a Christian group meeting in Holy Innocents church hall, with the proceeds of ticket sales going entirely to the benefit of the Salvation Army.

And organisers said the event was a huge success with proceeds and generous donations took the total past £1,500.

People can find out more about the Salvation Army at www.salvationarmy.org.uk/kidderminster while more information on the Kidderminster Fellowship can be obtained at www.kidderminsterfellowship.org.uk/