NEW research has revealed Poppy is the most popular pet name for cat and dog owners across the region.

A survey of more than 500,000 pet names in GoCompare's pet insurance quote database shows owners in both the Dudley and Worcestershire post code areas puts Poppy in top spot.

Other popular names in Dudley were Alfie, Bella, Bailey and Charlie while in Worcester Charlie, Bella Alfie and Luna made up the top five.

Nationally Bella is the most common pet name, topping the chart for dogs and coming second to Charlie for cats.

The full Dudley top ten is: 1. Poppy, 2. Alfie, 3. Bella, 4. Bailey, 5. Charlie, 6. Lola, 7. Oscar, 8. Millie, 9. Daisy, 10. Rosie.

The top ten in Worcester is: 1. Poppy, 2. Charlie, 3. Bella, 4. Alfie, 5. Luna, 6. Molly, 7. Bailey, 8. Max, 9. Millie, 10. Oscar.

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