STOURPORT High School has been left without electricity or heating after thieves broke in and stole 60 metres of metal cabling.

Staff arrived at the Minster Road school this morning (Wednesday) to find there was no power.

Head of school Lorna Deakin said: "Initially we thought it was just a powercut.

"Further investigation showed a small stretch of cable had been removed so immediately we called in engineers and electricians.

"It then transpired 60 metres of cabling had been removed across the site, so we had no IT or access to phone, no lighting or heating - nothing. We were devastated.

"We made an announcement on Twitter and our staff were out in the monsoon stopping children before they got out of their cars and turning parents around."

The school will be closed until Monday (November 12) while replacement cables are delivered and installed.

Mrs Deakin added: "Safety is our priority, so we have to ensure everything is working before we reopen.

"I'm just very grateful to our parents for their understanding."

Police have collected CCTV footage from the school, and are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

Inspector Jake Wright, of West Mercia Police, said: "An investigation has kicked off after a theft of metal cabling has rendered Stourport High School inoperable.

"We'll do what we can to identify those responsible and officers are supporting the school through what we recognise is a real disruption to students, parents and carers."

Anyone with information is urged to call 101, quoting incident number 109s of November 7.