FORMER Independent Kidderminster Town councillor David Ross has transferred to the Conservative Group in order to 'play a bigger part' in the future of Wyre Forest.

Cllr David Ross, who has lived in Kidderminster for more than 30 years, believes his decision to join the Tory group last month will give his ward members in Aggborough and Spennells an alternative voice on the council.

He told The Shuttle: "I felt the Conservatives were looking after the interests of Wyre Forest better than any other party and wanted to be part of that process - not just to improve Kidderminster town but Wyre Forest in general as well."

He added: "My decision isn't a criticism of the Independents, but it will give residents of Aggborough and Spennells an alternative to the Independent Group on the town council."

Cllr Ross' changeover means the Conservative Group now has twice as many members on the town council as Labour, now occupying eight of the 18 available seats.

Cllr Sally Chambers, leader of the Conservative Group on Kidderminster Town Council, said: "I am really pleased that David has decided to join the Conservative Group.

"David offers a wealth of business and community knowledge and skills that have already proven invaluable to the town council and having those skills added to the already accomplished mix of Conservative town councillors can only bode well for the future."

Independent cllr Helen Dyke, who has represented Aggborough and Spennells for 22 years, said she was 'surprised' by the decision, but reassured that the remaining group members would 'continue working for residents'.

She said: "It's politics and people change parties for many reasons. I'm surprised he's taken that course of action but if that's what he wants to do then we'll carry on as we always do.

"What David has decided to do won't change anything - we'll continue working for residents and that will be it."