AMID fierce criticism of Prime Minister Theresa May from MPs across the country, Wyre Forest's Mark Garnier has told The Shuttle why he will be backing her Brexit deal.

Mrs May is expected to meet with EU representatives to finalise the agreement in coming days. Only then will the exit deal be put to the House of Commons, where the Prime Minister needs 320 votes for the agreement to be passed.

While Mrs May is facing tough questions from all sides of the House, Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier has spoken out to reassure his constituents that he 'will play no part in the downfall of the Prime Minister'.

He told The Shuttle: "It’s been quite a week in politics.

"Last week’s publication of the EU withdrawal agreement resulted in multiple ministerial resignations, an increasingly comical coup attempt, and furious arguments about the documentation and proposals.

"I have received loads of emails from constituents, with their thoughts and questions. As the local MP, everyone is entitled to know my thoughts.

"Firstly, I will play no part in the downfall of the Prime Minister. No one is above criticism, but toppling the leader of this country, now, would be an act of self-indulgent folly, creating yet more uncertainty for our economy and jeopardising a controlled Brexit.

"Secondly, the deal. This is less straightforward.

"The 585-page document is a lot of legalistic Brexitology, but covers the withdrawal agreement - the divorce arrangements – and the transition period to the new arrangements.

"The divorce agreement is highly technical. It details the Herculean task of unwinding the economic and legal relationship of the world’s 5th biggest economy from the world’s largest trading block.

"Whilst there may be a lot to be concerned about, getting rid of the good in pursuit of the perfect is unachievable.

"The transition proposal is the area causing the most amount of anguish, bringing a high degree of uncertainty.

"For someone seeking problems, and viewing these proposals with a high scepticism, I can fully understand why they are worried. But to look at the transition proposals in isolation is madness.

"Key to all this is the simple, seven-page political declaration. Very light on detail, it paints a picture of our future relationship, post Article 50 completion and post transition period.

"This describes how we will work with the EU on a range of important issues – trade in goods and services, recognition of each other’s qualifications, security, space, energy and other important issues.

"The point about all this is that the next few years are a journey. We know where we are starting – a hybrid, 40-year membership of the EU that we negotiated for ourselves.

"And we know where we are going – to a fresh relationship that allows us to do free trade deals with third countries, that secures a good trade relationship with the EU that respects supply chains, ease of cross border trade, the Northern Ireland border conundrum solved, rights for citizens and more.

"It’s just that the journey is fantastically tricky, irrespective of what anyone tells you. That’s why I’m backing this deal."