POLICE were called to a country lane in Drayton, near Belbroughton, after a member of the public found a dead horse with a bag wrapped around its head.

The carcass was discovered in Egg Lane, near Drayton Road, on Sunday, November 11 by Michelle Hawthorne, from Halesowen, who was driving past at around 8am.

She said: "I spotted something on the very edge of the bridal path and thought 'what was that?' so I went back to have a look and realised it was a dead horse with a bag wrapped around its head. It was awful.

"The police came out and said they'd called the RSPCA. It's just heartbreaking. It was only a baby so whoever did this didn't give it a chance.

"We had another horse dumped in a field off the same road a couple of years ago. Hopefully some publicity will stop it from happening again."

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: "Police were called to reports of a concern for welfare for a horse that had been found by a member of the public at approximately 8.15am on Sunday, November 11 on Drayton Road in Drayton. Sadly, the horse was deceased."