A NEWLY opened Kidderminster bowling alley has announced a ban on youngsters under the age of 13.

Management of Avatar Bowling on Green Street, Kidderminster decided that their venue is "not suitable" for those under the age of 13 because of children treating the venue like a "playground."

The venue posted two announcements via social media on November 23, which said: "After careful consideration we have come to the conclusion that our venue is not suitable for young children.

"We opened the venue with the view to provide a facility for all ages, however after five weeks we found that with only six lanes and the way that the club is structured we are not really geared up for catering for younger ages and there are more suited venues with much better children’s play areas.

"We are more of a club with limited bowling facilities.

"We are and will be working to see how we can remedy this in the future.

"We sincerely apologise if our action has upset people, it was never intended, and we just wanted to do the right thing."

The posts were met with outrage and criticism from parents on Facebook.

The ban will take effect from this week, around six weeks after the alley first opened in mid October.

However, the venue will be accepting bookings of children under 13's with families on a "family by family basis."

A spokesperson from Avatar management said: "We currently have no capacity to cope with the children.

"So we have put an age limit until we see where we can go from here.

"Children have been running round which has been dangerous for people, and has disturbed other players and it's not a playground.

"The venue has been used as a playground, and parents have not taken responsibility over their children.

"If we carried on it would have been an accident waiting to happen.

"There have also been fears of congestion.

"We will be allowing children as part of families on a family by family basis.

"We have to put a full stop on it until we know how to deal with the situation.

"I can understand the frustration, we are trying to find a system that will suit everyone."