HUNDREDS of people have responded with mixed reactions to a Kidderminster bowling alley's decision to ban children under 13.

People have voiced their opinions on social media after management at Avatar Bowling on Green Street, Kidderminster, announced that their alley is "not suitable" for children, and that it was being used like a "playground."

Some users have criticised the venue's ban for leaving out Kidderminster families.

One Facebook user said: "Bowling is a family activity and should be enjoyed by all ages, they should have opened a night club not a bowling alley."

Another user said: "Yet again there will be nothing to do in Kidderminster with the family if you have younger children."

Another said: "You have let down so many people who had high hopes for you."

However, other users have voiced different takes on the decision.

One user said: "It's a shame that some parents often let their children run riot wherever they go.

"This spoils it for the responsible parents."

Some have voiced their approval of the ban, with one saying "If there are no kids allowed I’m definitely coming along," with another praising it as a "fabulous idea."