FOUR 'igloos' will be made available to homeless people in Wyre Forest, thanks to a generous donation from a Kidderminster care home.

Offmore Farm Residential Home donated £1,000 to local homeless cause Homeless Equality Life Protect (HELP) to fund four innovative igloo-style shelters, which are set to be collected from  France later this month.

Dave Griffin, who runs HELP, said: "The colder months are here now so we want to drive over there with a van as soon as possible before the snow comes - we're just waiting on a collection date.

"We'll have four of the igloos on standby, then it will be a case of taking them to people when they need one.

"Then when their circumstances change we'll take it back and someone else can have it."

The mobile shelters, created by French firm Iglou, are around two metres long and a metre wide, are insulated and fire resistant, and can be erected in minutes.

Cheryl Burge, manager at Care First's Offmore Farm Residential Home, said: "We decided we wanted to do some charity work and our owner Michael Verma said we could have £1,000 to do with as we pleased.

"We're quite a small care home so £1,000 is a lot of money to us.

"I was looking on the internet and came across Dave and contacted him.

"We wanted to make sure the money stayed in Kidderminster and after seeing how high the homeless rate was in Wyre Forest we decided to donate all the money to the homeless."

For more information on HELP, which provides food, shelter, clothing and hygiene products to the homeless, search H.E.L.P on Facebook.