Kidderminster MEP James Carver joined an EU delegation to Iraq and Oman to discuss strengthening their international relationships with the west.

Mr Carver re-assured government leaders that Brexit would not impact on the UK’s relationship with their country during a fact-finding mission to foster improved relations with Iraq.

The eight-strong delegation of MEPs had talks with politicians and diplomats in Baghdad, including Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi, over two days just before Christmas.

The independent MEP for the West Midlands said: “I was able to re-iterate that the UK, outside the European Union, will continue to work for stronger, deeper, broader relations with Iraq, supporting the Iraqi people and government as they build a stable, prosperous and democratic nation and increasing UK-Iraq trade and investment.”

The MEPs then met Omani leaders in Muscat, where Mr Carver was able to deliver the same message of continued support.

Mr Carver added: “Oman has been, and will remain, one of the UK’s closest allies in the Arabian Gulf, being an important trading and strategic partner.”