DRIVERS are being reassured a bridge in Stourport is safe despite a crack across the entire width of its surface.

The crack appeared surface of the bridge on Discovery Road causing alarm amongst road users.

Speculation mounted on social media that the crack was a sign of structural damage and the bridge will need to be closed for major repairs.

On Facebook, Leon Grainger said: "No amount of polyfiller will cover that crack as it will only get bigger lol no but on a serious note if that has happened on actual bridge then something is obviously moving and giving needs to be looked at asap as abit more than abit of tarmac it is structural."

Roy Smith added: "That is what you call differential movement. The bridge will need to be closed as this is a severe structural problem."

However after an inspection which caused temporary closure of the bridge, engineers say there is no cause for alarm.

A spokesperson from Worcestershire County Council said: "Structural engineers were called out to assess a crack on Discovery Road bridge, Stourport, yesterday (24 Jan).

"The road was temporarily closed, but was reopened after a thorough inspection revealed the crack was caused by some minor settlement in the relatively new bridge.

"To prevent any damage being caused by water ingress, the crack will be filled with a flexible sealant. During this operation there will need to be some traffic management and possibly a very short term closure.

"The road and bridge remain safe to use and will remain open before the remedial works are carried out."