HEATHFIELD Knoll was the best performing school on The Shuttle's patch for last year’s GCSEs, according to figures released by the Department for Education.

Heathfield Knoll achieved the best ‘Attainment 8’ score in the area for the 2018 national schools rankings.

‘Attainment 8’ is a score based on how well pupils have performed in up to eight GCSE qualifications that include English, maths and several other core subjects.

Heathfield Knoll topped the Wyre Forest area rankings with a score of 58.7, with Holy Trinity School scoring 50.8, and King Charles I School scoring 49.8.

These schools are closely followed by The Bewdley School at 47.1, Wolverley C of E Secondary School at 46.9, The Stourport High School at 43.1, and Baxter College at 39.9, and Madinatul Uloom Al Islamiya School at 31.2.

The other key performance indicator in the results is ‘Progress 8’ which measures the progress pupils have made between the end of Key Stage 2 (entering secondary education) and the end of Key Stage 4 (post-GCSEs).

‘Progress 8’ is a type of value-added score measuring how much students have progressed during those five years compared to pupils across England who got similar results at the end of Key Stage 2.

King Charles I School topped the ‘Progress 8’ standings for our area with a 0.37 score, ranking its performance ‘above average’ – meaning its pupils made more progress than similar students nationally on average.

Just behind was Holy Trinity School which gained an 'average' rank with a score of 0.24.

Following that was Wolverley C of E scoring -0.02, The Bewdley school scoring -0.1, Baxter College scoring -0.19, The Stourport High school scoring -0.44, and Wyre Forest School for special needs children scoring -1.45.

Here are the rankings:

School ^^ Attainment 8 ^^ Progress 8

Heathfield Knoll ^^ 58.7 ^^ NP

Holy Trinity School ^^ 50.8 ^^ 0.24

King Charles I School ^^ 49.8 ^^ 0.37

The Bewdley School ^^ 47.1 ^^ -0.1

Wolverley C of E Secondary School ^^ 46.9 ^^ -0.02

The Stourport High School and Sixth Form Centre ^^ 43.1 ^^ -0.44

Baxter College ^^ 39.9 ^^ -0.19

Madinatul Uloom Al Islamiya School ^^ 31.2 ^^ NP

Wyre Forest School ^^ 1 ^^ -1.45

The maximum Attainment 8 score for a pupil is 90 – if they achieve two grade 9s in English and maths and six other grade 9s across other core subjects.

View all the data at compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk.