INTREPID ice maidens Sandy Hennis and Sophie Montagne proved popular visitors to Bromsgrove Prep School this month.

The pair hit the headlines exactly one year ago when they formed part of an all women team that skied across the Antarctic.

They battled against elements that included temperatures dropping to minus 56 degrees while facing wind speeds in excess of 100kph.

Their epic journey was expected to take 75 days to complete, but instead the team beat all expectations by crossing the 1,704 km in just 61 days.

It was an achievement that attracted publicity world wide.

All of the team that took part in the challenge are serving British Army personnel, with Sophie and Sandy, who hails from Redditch, being army reservists who combine their military training with civilian careers.

They shared their experiences with the pupils in a question and answer session, including both the high and low points of the expedition.

The pair hope to inspire the next generation of explorers and prove that ordinary women can do something extraordinary.