RSPCA inspectors are appealing for information to help track down the owner of an emaciated rottweiler who was found tied to a metal fence in Stourport.

The terrified dog, now nicknamed Mario, was found by a dog walker, tethered to some metal fencing outside Aston Manor Cider Mill early on Sunday morning (February 3).

Stourport resident Jayne Olden, who contacted the RSPCA, told The Shuttle the dog was too weak to walk.

RSPCA inspector Boris Lasserre said the young male dog, thought to be around one years old, was in a very poor and emaciated condition.

"He was in a disgusting state of neglect," said Inspector Lasserre. "He was grossly underweight and the prolonged lack of food has probably contributed to the horrendous diarrhoea problem he was suffering from.

"He was also very cold and looking at how the ground was flattened where he was tied up, I believe he had been left for some time in the freezing temperatures and in the dark before he was discovered - it must have been terrifying for him."

The RSPCA said Mario suffered muscle wastage on his hind legs, effecting his ability walk. He was also suffering from the cold as temperatures had dipped to freezing the day he was found.

The state of the rope and chain he was tethered with led inspectors to believe he had been tied up for some time.

Mario, who was not microchipped, has since undergone veterinary treatment and is starting to gain weight.

Inspector Lasserre said: "Despite all he has been through Mario is such a friendly dog with a lovely temperament.

"It's remarkable how trusting animals can be, even after having been subjected to such deliberate cruelty.

“I am pleased to say the dedicated RSPCA veterinary team has now got his diarrhoea under control and he has started slowly gaining weight.

"It will take a lot of time and gentle care before he is ready to find his new home and he will be monitored during that time.”

The RSPCA is now appealing for anyone with information as to who dumped the dog to contact their appeals line on 0300 123 8018.