A STUDY shows that Worcestershire is one of the worst areas in the West Midlands for alcohol-related hospital admissions.

There were 12,607 alcohol-related hospital admissions in Worcestershire in the year 2017/18. The figure has risen year on year with 9,325 admissions in 2008/9 and 12,151 in 2016/17.

The number of deaths in Worcestershire caused by alcohol has also risen. In 2008 there were 275 deaths. In 2016 there were 282 and in 2017 there were 313.

Other areas with high numbers of alcohol-related hospital admissions were Birmingham (22,566 admissions) and Staffordshire (20,362).

The report also shows the number of people who have died because of alcohol across the West Midlands is 2,825 in 2017.

11 percent of all of England’s hospital admissions are due to alcohol.

The study was conducted by Public Health England.

This week UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) launched in conjunction with the group, Head Clinician, an alcohol screening test. The test is anonymous and takes 30 seconds to complete. It can be found at ukat.co.uk/alcohol.