AN ex-Kidderminster College student who posted a goodbye message on Facebook, took his own life after an argument with his ex-partner, an inquest heard.

Former music technology student Will Evans hanged himself in the garden of his home, while his father and daughter were inside the house on November 8, last year.

The 28-year-old, a chef at Hanbao burger restaurant in Worcester, had posted a message on the social media site, which included the words: “I’m out”, before killing himself.

During the hearing at Worcestershire Coroners Court on February 20, a statement from Will’s dad, Donald Evans, referred to concerns over his son “sinking in mood” in the months before his death.

Reading from the statement, senior coroner Geraint Williams said: “It appears that the couple separated following some difficulties and the deceased had regular and frequent contact with his young daughter.”

Will was looking after his little girl at his dad’s home, where he also lived, in Beauchamp Road, Malvern, following the argument with his ex-partner.

Referring to Donald’s statement, Mr Williams said: “It was obvious a disagreement had taken place between the two, but he did not know what about.”

Donald then had a conversation with his son and told him “not to worry” and that they would go to Citizens Advice to “sort it out”.

Referring to the argument, Mr Williams said: “What it was about is not clear."

However, some time later, Will left his dad and daughter in the living room and said he was going to the toilet.

After 20 minutes, Donald opened the living room door and called up the stairs to his son but there was no answer.

He walked into the kitchen and found the back door open, before going outside to see his son had hanged himself, and “shouted for help”.

Neighbours came into the garden and gave Will CPR until the emergency services arrived, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mr Williams said Donald believed his son “intended to take his own life and this was not some sort of accident that had gone wrong”.

“He confirms he was in shock and heartbroken that this had happened to his son,” added Mr Williams.

A post mortem was undertaken on November 12 at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, in which it was confirmed the cause of death was “cardiorespiratory failure caused by pressure on the neck caused by a ligature”.

A toxicology report stated there were traces of THC, a chemical in cannabis, in Will’s blood, however, Mr Williams said it is unclear when the drug had been consumed.

Summarising, Mr Williams said: “Mr Evans was having relationship difficulties and on the day of his death he was clearly stressed about an argument he was having on the telephone. He went into the garden of his father’s home and hanged himself.”

If you are suffering with suicidal thoughts, you can contact Samaritans in confidence for free from any phone on 116 123, even a mobile without credit.