A MAN from New York is hoping a picture of his father's wartime lover from Kidderminster will help him to finally track down the brother he never met.

Donald Wright, 64, from Mattydale, US, contacted The Shuttle in an effort to find his long-lost half brother - believed to be named David Jones - after thinking about him everyday for the last 30 years.

"I've known about David for about 30 years, maybe more," said Donald. "My father Richard Thomas Wright was in Kidderminster with the American 48th Field Hospital during World War Two.

"He just came out and told me one day he'd had relations with a Mrs Jones in Kidderminster and that they had a son together and called him David.

"I didn't press him about it at the time but now I wish I had. He passed away in 2003. Then I had cancer last year and it woke me up.

"I'm not getting any older and he never leaves my mind. I've thought about him everyday."

Donald's father Richard was stationed in Kidderminster for three months from April 17 to July 10, 1944.

"I know nothing about my brother," said Donald. "All I have is a few names and pictures of Mrs Jones, and another lady Miss Milly Jones, as well as my father and Private Everett Silvia.

"David would have been born in 1945 so if you do the math he should be around 75 years old now."

Anyone with information on David or "Mrs Jones" is urged to contact The Shuttle on 01384 358262 or at editorial@kidderminstershuttle.co.uk.