A PARISH council is appealing for the public's help to catch frequent fly tippers in the act.

Kidderminster Foreign, which covers the villages of Trimpley and Low Habberley, is urging people to keep an eye out and report fly tipping in the area.

One of the more recent incidents was located on the lane leading to local beauty spot Trimpley Reservoir, which the council says is being 'spoilt' by furniture and household waste dumped on a weekly basis.

Clerk to Kidderminster Foreign Parish Council, Elsie Whitehouse said: “We are asking people to keep their eyes peeled so we can catch tippers in the act.

“It is a blight on an area of great beauty, spoilt by irresponsible and contemptible people who believe it is acceptable to dump their building and household waste wherever they will not be seen, rather than taking this to the council tip.”

The parish reports instances of fly tipping to Wyre Forest District Council who then spend thousands of pounds of their budget each year collecting and removing rubbish from gateways, laybys and verges.

But the parish council is concerned that charges for the disposal of bulky waste is stopping people disposing of their rubbish correctly.

The parish is undertaking a voluntary litter pick on Saturday, March 23 as part of the Great British Spring Clean initiative, and is hoping