A TERRIER from Kidderminster has won the grand final of Crufts' vulnerable breed competition.

Seven-year-old Skye terrier Barney, owned by Jane Curtis, from Kidderminster, was crowned top dog in the Kennel Club's Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds contest on Thursday (March 7), in front of a packed arena at Birmingham's NEC.

Jane said: "I can’t believe we won. Initially I was in shock and then you realise it’s what you aim for – winning something major in the big ring at Crufts.

"Barney has been in the final three times and was shortlisted on his two previous appearances, but now he has won it.

"I bred him which makes it all the more special."

The Vulnerable Breeds competition aims to raise awareness of rare native breeds whose annual puppy registrations stand at fewer than 300.

Barney was chosen by judge Paul Eardley as having the best overall quality from among 16 rare breeds, including the Clumber spaniel, English setter otter hound and English toy terrier.

Jane added: "These breeds could die out if we don’t give them exposure so it's great to be here to promote them.

"Skye terriers are rapidly declining and we need to get people interested in the breed because - as you can see - they’re glamorous, but they are a terrier.”