A WATER leak at a home in Kidderminster can't be stopped - a plumber has said - after noticing the stopcock was filled with concrete, apparently during road resurfacing works.

Broadwaters Drive homeowner Donna Leigh Hudson called in a plumber this morning (Friday) after her tenant noticed a leak from the upstairs bathroom which was causing the kitchen ceiling below to sag under the weight.

But what should have been any easy fix suffered a setback when the plumber went to turn off the water valve and noticed it had been filled in with concrete.

"The entire kitchen ceiling is coming down," said Donna. "The plumber went to turn the stopcock off and saw it was filled with concrete. They checked the next door neighbour's and it's the same, so the whole street could have the same problem.

"My tenant said the council highways department had been out a few weeks before to resurface the road so they must have filled it in then.

"I rang them and said they need to come and dig it up as a matter of urgency. We can't stop it. If the ceiling comes down that's it."

Worcestershire County Council has been approached for comment.