A KIDDERMINSTER-based music project leader is spearheading a scheme to look at modern day issues from a different angle.

MAS Records co-founder Kevyn Gammond has launched Migrant X, where performance, art and music combine to give an alternative view on border controls, immigration and asylum.

Migrant X was launched with a sell-out show at Kidderminster College in front of an audience which included MAS Records patron Robert Plant.

Kevyn Gammond said: "We are putting together building blocks for a production in a large venue where we are going to involve different arts all coming together."

The show featured a mix of acting and improvised music to explore issues around what Mr Gammond describes as social injustice.

He added: "You have got to go in, get somewhere and put it over in another way.

"Everybody, everyday, is so fed up with what you see, TV, news, I think you have just got to come from another angle."

The launch event also featured contributions by a number of guest speakers from organisations including The Red Cross, covering a range of topics connected with migration.

Isobel Barreto Stahlberg, from Freedom From Torture, said: "I was very touched and moved with the performance of Migrant X, it is so close to the work we do."

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant added: "You never know what to expect from Kevyn Gammond's work, really enjoyed the night."