A MAN from Blakedown had a monitor half the size of an AAA battery implanted into his chest to help nurses to track his heart palpitations - without him having to go to hospital.

The implantable loop recorder (IRL), which can now be fitted at Worcestershire Royal, means 35-year-old Paul Harper can alert the hospital when he is feeling unwell via an app on his mobile phone.

The recorders take a matter of minutes to inject under the skin using local anaesthetic and the procedure is already cutting down waiting times at the busy Worcester hospital.

Paul, 35, who suffers from heart palpitations, said: "I was really impressed with how convenient and pain free the procedure was.

"It was all done so quickly with hardly any waiting time, which is great as I will get my diagnosis quicker.”

Paul's IRL records electrical signals in his heart which can then be downloaded by a specialist for analysis.

When Paul experiences a symptom like a fainting episode or a palpation he can activate the ILR by a button or via his mobile app.

His heart rate and rhythm at the time of his symptoms are transmitted to the hospital wirelessly, which allows the cardiology team to review any cardiac issues quicker without him having to visit hospital again.

Worcestershire's hospital trust hopes the procedure will give patients a quicker and less anxious experience, while also freeing up consultants for more complex cases.

Arrhythmia specialist nurse Nicki Brewster, who now performs the procedure, said: “To have the option for specialist nurses to perform the ILR procedure is having such a positive impact on waiting times and patient experience.

"Technology has advanced so the patient is able to submit their information without attending the hospital. This can result in a prompt and accurate diagnosis”.