A WILDLIFE centre near Wyre Forest is asking readers of The Shuttle newspaper to donate their old copies to be used as bedding for the sanctuary's animals.

Dinosaur Wildlife and Education Centre (DWAEC), based on the A449 in Dunhampton, is in urgent need of newspapers to line its enclosures for a range of animals including birds, reptiles, pygmy hedgehogs, meerkats and mongooses.

Steve Rowlands, director of DWAEC), said: "We would like to help as many animals as possible. Any newspapers the general public could provide would be a great help.

"You spare newspapers will help a great variety of rescued animals at DWAEC such as, parrots, reptiles, pygmy hedgehogs, small rodents and insects."

The family-run centre provides educational animal and dinosaur shows for schools and children's parties, and receives rescued animals from homes all over the country.

It was recently given four unwanted pet tortoises, six lovebirds and a 12-foot python which had grown too big for its previous owner’s enclosure.

For more information, visit dwaec.co.uk or call Kelly Shambley on 07521929742. Newspapers can be dropped off at the centre in Dunhampton, DY13 9SP.