MADAM - I cannot get me head around the £500 daily rate that is going to be paid to three non-executive board members to run the children’s services in Worcester county. (Worcestershire County Council to pay social care board members £500 a day)

This is a staggering amount of money coming out of our rates to just three people to run this service.

This daily rate is far to much and should be more like £200 daily rate. Then the rest could be spent establishing activities for the children to get involved in to help them develop social skills. This would be setting in place the foundations for them to start to realise interests that would evolve into possible social or career aspirations.

Worcestershire County Council have cut services right across the county so this outrageous daily rate to three people is a very bitter pill to swallow. A lot of county council employees have very low salaries who work tirelessly every day doing more demanding work.

I agree we need the service but we should be spending the money on the children and not to three non-executive board members.

I would ask the residents of Worcester to stand together and demand that this daily rate is reduced to £200.


Bill Newnes