A MUM from Kidderminster wants to warn other parents after her 15-month-old son fell out of a shopping trolley with no harness and hit his head.

Danielle Wilson has complained to Environmental Health after her infant son Brody was injured at JTF Mega Discount Warehouse, based at Kidderminster's Hoo Farm Industrial Estate, on Sunday (April 28).

"We were shopping for some sweets for Brody's christening next week and I turned away from him for 20 seconds to a minute to talk to my husband and I heard this gigantic crack on the floor," said Danielle, aged 30.

"Brody had tried to climb out of the trolley, which I didn't think he would do. I paid for what we had while my husband took him to the car and we took him straight to hospital as he had a big lump on his head.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

"He was born three months early so he's more vulnerable because he's so small. I was really panicking.

"I felt so guilty for turning my back but people keep saying to me there should have been a safety harness on the trolley - like the ones you get at the supermarkets. None of JTF's trolleys have got them."

Danielle has since complained to the Kidderminster store manager, as well as Environmental Health, and hopes her son's ordeal will result in JTF's trolleys being upgraded to one with a harness and prevent future accidents from occurring.

She added: "I want to make other parents aware.

"Obviously you're going to have to look away while you're shopping, but you don't expect your child to be able to fall out.

"If parents with young children are going to shop at JTF, they need to take some sort of harness with them."

JTF said the incident is being investigated.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

Rob Amans, head of operations, said: "The health and safety of our customers and team members is of the upmost important to us and as such this matter is currently being investigated.

"We were not notified by the child's parents at the time of the accident and it was only through a phone call to the store manager and subsequent email yesterday afternoon to our customer services department that we were made aware of it.

"With that in mind we are currently talking to the parents to establish further details to form part of the investigation.

"What I can confirm is our trolleys, that have seats fitted, are compliant with the suggested age and weight restrictions as supplied by the manufacturer of the trolley.

"I can also assure you that this is the first report of an incident of this nature for JTF regarding one of our trollies, and we will take any action if deemed necessary following the full investigation."