THE Bishop of Worcester has paid tribute to the Bishop Graham Usher, who has announced he is leaving his post as the Suffragan Bishop of Worcestershire to become the Bishop of Norwich.

Bishop Graham was ordained as the fifth Bishop of Dudley in March 2014 and has served as the Suffragan Bishop across the whole of the Diocese of Worcester.

He will leave the diocese at the end of July and will be formally enthroned as the Bishop of Norwich in Norwich Cathedral in the late Autumn.

Paying tribute to Bishop Graham, Dr Inge said: “I shall miss Bishop Graham greatly, as will many others. He has been a wonderful gift to the Diocese of Worcester and has given an enormous amount to individuals, churches and wider society. I am personally very grateful to him for his friendship and support and am sad that we are losing him.

"It was only a matter of time, I suppose, and the people of the Diocese of Norwich are very fortunate to be receiving him. He and Rachel and the family go with our heartfelt gratitude, our love and our prayers.”

Bishop Graham said: “It is a delight, but also somewhat daunting, to have been nominated to be the next Bishop of Norwich. I’m truly grateful for how the people of Dudley, and the rest of the diocese of Worcester, have shaped me as a bishop and taught me so much.

"I will also miss my involvement across a range of charities that provide crucial support to some of the most vulnerable in our society. I look forward to hearing about how the people of Dudley and Worcestershire flourish in the years ahead and you will remain much in my prayers.”