A TV medium will return to Stourport to demonstrate his psychic abilities and connect with those from the other side.

Psychic Tony Stockwell will communicate with the loved ones of audience members at the Civic on Tuesday May 21, and seek out names, dates and locations and all delivered with emotion, sensitivity and empathy.

The evening is set to also include psychometry, photograph readings and psychic prediction.

Tony hopes that through his current work he will make others aware that there’s something more than just our current lives.

The medium said: “ Whether through mental or physical mediumship, on TV or through small groups, if you can bless one person's life to absolutely believe beyond doubt that their Mum, their Dad, their Son, or their Daughter is actually going to be there waiting for them and it gives them comfort, then that's worth doing."

"If people haven’t seen a Medium work before, come along with an open mind, you may be surprised.

"The phenomenon of Mediumship is a powerful thing and has the ability to change lives, so why not give it the benefit of doubt?"

Tony has had several of his own television shows including Psychic Academy, The Psychic Detective, and Street Psychic, and has also appeared on The 6ixth Sense and Most Haunted Live 4.

Tickets are available via the Civic Hall website, or by calling their box office on 01299 823339.